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Choosing an Agent to Sell Your Property
  Can a real estate agent really help me in buying and selling property? The answer is YES!

Setting Your List Price
  Setting the list price for your home involves evaluating various market conditions and financial factors.

What is Market Value?
  The meaning of "Market Value" confuses many people. Noted real estate investor and author J.P. Vaughan's clear and informative does a good job of defining this often misinterpreted term and the many factors that ultimate determine a homes sale price.

Common Q&A About Selling Your Home
  What are home sellers obligated to disclose? What is the best time to sell a house? Who determines what furnishings of the house stay with the home when it is sold? These are just a samplling of the many questions answered in the resource presented by Inman News Features.

A Pre-Inspection Guide For the Home Seller
  A normal part of the home sale process invloves the inspection of a home by an inspection professional. Such inspections are routinely performed on homes of all ages and quality. Here is the information every home seller needs to know about home inspectors and their services.

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